Friday, October 10, 2014

Support the Polite Society Podcast and the RKBA

Not Paul - But Close Enough
One of the true heroes of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms movement is Paul Lathrop. He's the majordomo of the Polite Society Podcast, a gun rights internet broadcast that twice weekly examines all the breaking firearms news and hot issues. His ‘cast melds the talents of several leaders of the RKBA movement, and is always a must listen as well as being highly enjoyable. What isn’t apparent; Paul does all this podcasty magic with a simple laptop, mixer and Google+, often from the front-office of his 18 wheeler. He’s a past-master at wringing the most out of his equipment. Now, he’s looking for a bit of financial assistance to further expand his efforts in support of the 2nd Amendment.    

In his own words:
"The Polite Society Podcast is trying to raise funds to purchase and ship equipment to Phoenix for the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference. The GRPC is an annual conference that features some of the biggest names in the gun rights world speaking about the fight to maintain and restore our 2nd Amendment rights. While it is a free conference to attend many cannot make the trip, and the folks at the Polite Society Podcast are planning on streaming the conference so that anyone anywhere in the world can get information to help with the struggle to regain our freedoms. Previous speakers at the conference have been people such as Massad Ayoob, Dr. John Lott, Allan Gottlieb, Alen Gura, Tom Gresham, Chris Knox, and many many others.

The effort is to raise $1250 for additional equipment and shipping. I am going to be getting the audio feed from Charles Heller for the audio portion of the stream, however I still need to bring my mixer, microphones, etc so that we can do interviews live during breaks. Part of the equipment that I have to buy is a wireless transmitter so I can feed the audio from his mixer into mine for broadcast." 

This is a very worthy cause – and I’ll happily be kicking I've happily kicked in to Paul's important effort to support our gun rights.

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  1. Thanks not only for the donation but for helping to get the word out!