Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Excuses, Excuses

Been a busy time here.  Our daily pace of blogging will return when things stabilize.

Archer will continue his excellent postings. I'll post when time permits.
Until then, we've got an election of historic proportions coming up. We have it in our power to frustrate an administration bent on "fundamentally transforming America" through un-Constitutional means. 

I'm no fan of the current ossified Republican Party. However, they are an order of magnitude better than the progressive controlled Democrats. Obama's final two years may see 1 - 3 Supreme Court judges replaced, as well as countless lower court justices. With Harry Reid's revised judicial appointment approval process and Democrats in control of the Senate, Obama could put his ultra-liberal stamp on future decades.

So VOTE!  Get your friends to vote. Now is not the time to petulantly sit this one out.  

Oh, hell.... I buried the lede!

Plus... Dianne Feinstein is rumored to be considering retiring if the Dems loose the Senate. My god, if the possibility of getting that corrupt, old harpy out of politics doesn't make you want to vote Repub...  ;)  

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