Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quote of the Day — Fred Reed (March 17, 2016)

From his article, Betting on Gray Sludge: What Fun:
If white Southerners genitally mutilated their daughters, practiced honor killing, and didn’t allow their girls to go to school, the Islamophiles would erupt in fury. They overlook these practices in Moslems because they are using Moslems as a means of punishing people they loathe , such as white Southerners.
That's about the state of things currently. The Social Justice Warriors unite under a pretended "cause", but in truth just use the "cause" as an excuse to dispense hate (and sometimes violence) on their neighbors whom they despise for no articulable reason.

There's a lot of truth in the article. I encourage you to RTWT.

Stay safe.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quote of the Day — George S. Patton (WWII, date unknown)

The nigh-legendary general, speaking words that still have relevance today:
Sure, we want to go home. We want this war over with. The quickest way to get it over with is to go get the b*stards who started it. The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home. The shortest way home is through Berlin and Tokyo.
I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready for this "silly season" election to be over. I'm ready for the anti-freedom groups (or their benefactors) to realize it's a lost cause, cut their losses, and throw in the towel. I'm ready for our American values and way of life and our God-given rights to be safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

However, the quickest way do get it over with is to finish our business*. Then, and only then, we can go home.

Stay safe.

[Hat tip: John Hawkins at Townhall: The 25 Manliest Quotes by Americans. I may pull a few more quotes from this one!]
* - Yes, I know for some of our opponents it will never be finished; some of them will never give up. I can dream, can't I?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quote of the Day — Garry Kasparov (March 1, 2016)

Garry Kasparov, 2007
(source: Wikipedia)

As seen on the chess giant's Book of Face:
I'm enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.
I have nothing to add to that.

Fortunately, Mr. Kasparov has more, writing a follow-up in The Daily Beast. Here's a (very) small taste:
A society that relies too heavily on redistributing wealth eventually runs out of wealth to redistribute. The historical record is clear. It’s capitalism that brought billions of people out of poverty in the 20th century. It’s socialism that enslaved them and impoverished them. […] Once you give power to the government it is nearly impossible to get it back, and it will be used in ways you cannot expect.
Stay safe.

[Hat tip: Legal Insurrection]