Thursday, November 19, 2015

National Ammo Day - A True Patriotic Holiday!

National Ammo Day!!!

Michael Bane believes that every American Citizen should have an AR-15, ten standard capacity magazines, and one thousand rounds. You need to Future Proof your rights.

Get On It!  NOW!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thoughts on the Paris Attack - and America

        Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Paris. Mass violence came again to a foreign country, despite the claims of our feckless President. Friday evening, France suffered a horrendous blow at the hands of Islamic terrorists. In a coordinated attack at six separate sites, ISIS terrorists armed with automatic AK-47s, grenades and suicide belts attacked diners, rock concert goers, soccer fans, and other innocents. 129 are dead, including at least one American, with some 350 wounded, 90 of those in serious condition. Paris is on lockdown, and France’s military is once again guarding their borders. One of the terrorist was a Frenchman already known as an ISIS sympathizer, another held a Syrian passport, and two were recently welcomed to France as Syrian refugees.     
         There are many lessons to be learned by those wanting to. Europe’s leaders ignored the warnings of what the unrestrained immigration by the largely young, male Arab refugees would bring. The leaders choose to follow their one-worlder ideologies, to the obvious detriment and danger to their own citizens and country. Likewise, Obama continues in his plans to bring an ever increasing amount of the same invaders into the United States. France’s borders were open - allowing the same attacks that America’s deliberately wide-open borders invite. Most telling to us: the French citizens were completely defenseless before the merciless killers. They had no way to defend their lives from the killers their own government sent among them.

         This is just one of the reasons we fight so hard to keep our Second Amendment Rights. We fight to allow The People to defend their lives and way of life, even when their government will not. Even when the President claims Climate Change as the greatest threat to our future. It should be obvious that Radical Islam is the real threat: ISIS is now bragging “The American Blood Is Best, and We Will Taste It Soon.”  The People will need their arms as this new way of foreign and domestic terror comes to their towns, stadiums and theaters. However, ISIS should be warned; historically, our enemies have found that American blood leaves a very, very bitter aftertaste.

CF: French citizens are largely unarmed. However, there is an active contingent of SASS International competitors in France. I expect they are ready to play Cowboys and Terrorists. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On Failed Solutions and "Scapegoat[ing] the Mentally Ill"

So Oregon's resident anti-gun personality, "Baldr Odinson", recently attended "A Town Hall Forum on Gun Violence in Eugene" (warning: link goes to his anti-gun site).

This article does not rise to the level deserving of a full fisking, but there are a few points that stand out and need to be hammered down commented upon.

First off is this:
I was impressed with the solutions that people suggested, such as smart gun technologies, suicide prevention strategies, mandatory proficiency training for gun owners, and mandatory safe storage of guns, among other suggestions.
"Baldr" must be easily impressed. There is nothing new here. There is nothing that hasn't been tried, measured, and found wanting (by both sides) here.

I'm not going to re-hash the problems with all these "suggestions"; that's been thoroughly done elsewhere. However, I will reiterate that every one of these hinges on whether violent criminals will suddenly start obeying laws. That's not going to happen, so all these will only serve to harass peaceable citizens; indeed, it's all such laws can do.

Second was this:
See below for [CeaseFire Oregon President] Penny Okamoto's response regarding mental illness, and how the NRA and other pro-gun supporters scapegoat the mentally ill [link removed, underline emphasis added]
What do you mean, "how the NRA and other pro-gun supporters scapegoat the mentally ill"? Setting aside how transferring a gun to someone adjudicated mentally defective has been illegal since 1968 (you do recall that some Gun Control Act or other was enacted around then, right?), are you not hearing the NRA itself advocating better mental health reporting and treatment services, along with keeping guns away from such individuals? Heck, even PBS talked about the NRA supporting such measures!

Are you not hearing people on your side saying the NRA just wants to arm every criminal and lunatic?

Which is it, "Baldr"? Is the NRA "scapegoat[ing] the mentally ill", or advocating arming them with no questions asked? You can't have it both ways.

Stay safe.