Friday, October 3, 2014

Shaneen Allen Enters PTI

Damn, I love a happy ending. 
"Philly mom, Shaneen Allen, did a happy dance outside a New Jersey court Thursday morning after an Atlantic County prosecutor relented in her controversial gun-carrying case, allowing her to enter the same pretrial intervention program offered to former NFL star Ray Rice in his domestic abuse case."
      David Chang, NBC 10 Philadelphia
Shaneen Allen
Philly Mom Charged With Carrying Licensed Gun in Wrong State Allowed to Enter PTI Program

However, the insanity that threatened this woman with 10 years in jail for a simple mistake without intent nor harm still exists. Brian Aitken was sentence to 7 years in a New Jersey prison for similar violations of the state's draconian anti-citizen gun laws. Aitken continues to fight the unjust conviction and clear his name. His memoir, The Blue Tent Sky: How the Left's War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom, has been selected as the Conservative Book of the Month.  

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