Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Running the "Euphemism Treadmill"

You remember the "euphemism treadmill", right?

We're seeing it in action, right before our eyes.

Remember when "Ebola" was classified as a "hemorrhagic fever", being that it's a severe fever that breaks down the mucous membranes, causing hemorrhaging?

Well, the CDC (under pressure from the Obama Administration, I'm sure) apparently thought that description was too scary, and so has re-branded the virus as "Ebola Virus Disease".
[sarcasm] Oh, thank God! Ebola's not a hemorrhagic fever anymore! Now we don't have to worry about it! [/sarcasm]

We're seeing more of the same with Enterovirus D68 — you know, the one causing seemingly-random polio-like numbness, weakness, partial paralysis, and death in "children aged 0–18 years" (i.e.: all children), and sometimes adults. It's now being called "Non-Polio Enterovirus".

I can just hear the low-information-voter-types collectively sighing in relief, thinking it's no big deal — nevermind that the most recent child fatality showed none of the usual symptoms — thanks to the Fed.gov and the CDC.

Ebola and Enterovirus D68: just a "virus disease" and a "non-polio" affliction. No biggie. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Do any of you feel safer?

(Slightly off-topic, but is anyone else feeling the urge to check the Book of Revelation to see what comes after Pestilence? Just me? Hello?)

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  1. The Oboma Administration's treatment of the spreading Ebola crisis is worrisome.

    From a Systems Management perspective: if you are facing an evolving situation where there are appreciable unknowns with significant downside risks, the correct action is to rigidly control the situation, then ease restrictions as the situation becomes clearer.

    'Boma has completely reversed the classic response. With unrestricted air flight, open borders, and self "reporting", the situation is essentially uncontrolled. The assumption of the Administration is "Things will be OK, and if they are not, we'll respond accordingly". Of course by then, the genie will be out of the bottle and running wild.

    Do I expect Ebola to turn into a pandemic in the US? No. Spreading the virus is too difficult. However, this outbreak seems to be somewhat paired with the very similar Marburg virus, which transmits easier and does not appear on the Ebola tests. And airborne transmittal is a possibility, given these viruses' ability to mutate. The Spanish nurse that contracted Ebola is very troubling because the transmittal path is unknown and would have been very difficult.

    Obama's malfeasance may well have sentenced the 5 family members of the Dallas patient to Ebola. Let's hope he hasn't condemned the country to the same fate; now or in the future.

    Update: Ebola Patient Zero in Dallas has died of the disease.