Friday, October 24, 2014

New York Ebola -- and the Obama Admin

Dr Spencer's walkabout of New York with nascent Ebola has the city in an uproar. 

It should be noted - but, somehow the media is failing to note - that a travel ban and/or quarantine of the Ebola hot zones of Western Africa could have prevented this threat to the 8.4 million tightly packed into NYC. In defiance of centuries of experience and effective practices, the Obama administration has refused to implement these preventative measures. Instead, they have slowly rolled out a patchwork of partially effective airport screenings and self reporting.

There are pervasive rumors - RUMORS - that the large NYC Liberian community is hiding
Ebola deaths within the city. 

There's every expectation that this Ebola outbreak is just a pre-test for some truly nasty future infection. A test the Obama administration is failing miserably. 

Remember this November 4th: Elections Have Consequences. Competency Maters.

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