Friday, July 25, 2014

Good Guy With a Gun

It was a gun-grabber's wet dream -- A patient walks into a hospital and starts firing. The word goes out immediately: Shooting in a Hospital! The headlines, press releases and anti-gun bills are almost writing themselves. Then... somehow... things go implausibly off-script. The gunman (never called a criminal, drug abuser or a madman) has been resisted. Someone, who should have been just another tally, one more helpless victim, has used a gun to put a hard stop to the madness.

PA hospital: Wounded doctor fired back at gunman

Emily Miller reports that the media is already losing interest in the story. "Almost zero media coverage of this shooting today -- a doctor was armed and stopped the bad guy."

It takes a good guy with a gun - to stop a bad guy with a gun. 

This essential truth reemerges again, despite what the media, gun banners, politicians and big city police chiefs say. It remains a hard truth despite the hospital rules that ban employees from possessing firearms on the grounds. The doctor is alive because he saw the fatal fallacy of rules demanding helplessness -- and probably so are many, many others.      

Remember that. 

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