Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Favorite Gun Range

A right is like a muscle, to stay strong it must be exercised. One of my favorite ranges to exercise my Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the InSight Range of Cerritos, CA.

Please note: I have absolutely no ties to the InSight Range. Except when, on all too rare occasion, I throw money at them. 

Here in the aptly named LA Basin, Southern California, shooting ranges are rare. Good ones are my preciousssss. InSight boasts 20 indoor 25 yard lanes, well lit and ventilated.  There's plenty of space behind the lanes for observers and equipment. Jacketed bullets are required, but you can shoot commercial ammo as well as your handloads. Handguns up to .44 Mag are allowed, as are rifles in pistol calibers. There was some talk about equipping some lanes to handle 5.56, but they found at 25 yards the AR-15 pills drilled right through the vendor's gar-run-teed backstop. Opps. Shotguns can be patterned as long as you use the range's #8 shot loads. Lane fees are reasonable and not time limited. I've hogged a lane when slowly working up a lever action and a couple of pistols and .22LR rifles, and got nothing but polite interest in my process. 

There's an adequate number of staff, who've always been friendly, competent, safety orientated and reasonable.They run a tight ship, but without the constant autocratic irritation of many ranges. It seems after your first few trips to the range, you become a known and trusted customer, with friendly nods from the owner, his wife and son. Their range rules are well thought-out and rational. Wait times are hardly noticeable.

For $10, you can rent ALL of their ~40 guns. THAT'S A TREMENDOUS FREAKIN' DEAL!!! Most other ranges around here charge $10 per gun for a much smaller selection. There's no better place to take someone unsure of the gun they want to buy. 

InSight offers a full service FFL with a small - but interesting - selection of firearms for sale. I've transferred several guns and bought a stripped lower through them and found them competent, efficient and cost effective.

In addition, the InSight Range is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, providing meeting rooms to the NRA Membership Council and support for shooting events.

There may be better ranges in other, freer areas, but for urban SoCal, the InSight Range is pretty damn good. And they're setting a standard that many ranges should aspire to.                 

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