Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can't Fix Stupid: Dick Metcalf Edition

Dick Metcalf was the Guns and Ammo editor tossed on his head for editorializing for the same 2nd Amendment restrictions that anti-gunners dreamed of. The Gun Rights community had long ago rejected those proscriptions as unconstitutional and unwise and didn't appreciate hearing them again from someone in a leadership role. Reaction was swift, and the axe was certain. (BTW: G&A is a much more enjoyable read under replacement editor Eric R. Poole.) Metcalf continues to bite the hand that used to feed him in the Atlantic magazine puff piece Why We Can't Talk About Gun Control

Bob Owens of Bearing Arms takes a wire brush to Metcalf and his arguments in his post MORE METCALF: Dick Heads Further Left, Becomes A Useful Idiot For The Gun Control Cult.

A pertinent section: "...[D]espite a long publishing and academic career, he fundamentally doesn’t grasp the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. Specifically, he betrayed that he either simply is incapable of understanding what the Founders meant when they stated the need for a well-regulated militia, or that he simply doesn’t agree with it. Instead of showing contrition for his ignorance (or arrogance), he continues to insist that “well-regulated” means “lawyered to death,” and that his fellow gun owners simply aren’t as good as he is."

In addition, Sebastian of Shall Not Be Questioned provides an excellent primer on the real meaning of the 2nd Amendment in Metcalf Really Needs to Stop Digging.

You can't improve on perfection - read both the above posts.  

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