Saturday, July 19, 2014

California Anti-Gun Bill Signed

Cal Gov Jerry Brown - 10 News
CalFFL: Gov. Jerry Brown Signs New Handgun Ban AB 1964

Inaugurating California's festive anti-gun legislation season, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 1964: Unsafe Handguns: Single-Shot Pistols

This bill eliminates the exemption of singe-shot pistols from the California "Not Unsafe" Gun program. Single-shot pistols must now be approved by the expensive and onerous CalDOJ testing process before the gun can be sold through California FFLs. Since single-shot pistols are by their very nature a low volume item and it wouldn't be economical for a manufacturer to pay for the testing; this law effectively bans new single-shot pistols from California.

Why this niggling bill? That's a much deeper question. It speaks to the relationship of California's ruling elite to a despised minority in their Golden Utopia: the gun owner. An uncharacteristically truthful legislator once spoke of his desire to hurt gun owners in any way possible.

We've been hurt yet again. 

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