Thursday, June 5, 2014

Failure of Laws

After the Isla Vista, CA tragedy, there was the usual klaxon cry for more gun laws such as enhanced and universal background checks, mental health holds, waiting periods, reduced magazine capacity, one gun a month limits, handgun restrictions, etc. All laws that California had at the time of the shootings. Those laws simply didn’t work. They failed despite all the expense, aggravation, and law enforcement and legal system attention. They failed because someone didn't care a whit that they broke those laws.

A determined psychopath, planning for years, was able to fulfill his sick imperative. He planned around all the restrictions; methodically assembling the knives, hammers, guns, magazines, and ammo of his dark fantasy. What he didn’t get was the institutional treatment he desperately needed.


  1. Nailed it. This is precisely what I've been saying to anyone outraged about "lax gun laws leading to mass shootings." California already has every darn thing they're asking for; the only "loophole" left to close is the fact that there's not a 100% ban on everything, including knives and cars.

    I always challenge them to find one law - just one - that might have prevented this and that California doesn't already have on the books. Short of a total ban of all guns - including confiscation, ironically to be performed by other men with guns - there's nothing else to add.

  2. Repeat after me:
    Laws do not prevent crime.
    Laws only provide an avenue for the State to prosecute the criminal after they commit the crime.

    Repeat it until the gun grabbers understand.