Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laws Are For The Little People


IRS Source: Lerner’s Hard Drive Likely Destroyed

Mein Gott. This is brazen: the illegal destruction of evidence that might well have proven the IRS was used to target the Administration's enemies.  

A cornerstone of Western Civilization since the Magna Carta requires the rulers to be bound by laws. With this blatant thumb in the eye of the Congressional committee, the Obama Administration has given notice that they are no longer required to observe the Nation's  laws .

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  1. Lerner's hard drive destroyed? Criminal, but not part of the bigger issue.

    Two years' worth of potentially-incriminating e-mails are just "gone," and the explanation is that "sometimes stuff just happens."

    Working in IT, I can verify that sometimes stuff indeed "just happens," but that's why information systems have redundancies, backups, and archived files. E-mail systems run on exchange servers, and an organization the size of the IRS should have several exchange servers or server clusters supporting each other; the users' workstations just access the data on the servers and maybe download a local copy, and if a server fails, the other servers carry the load until it's replaced.

    Lerner's computer crashed and the hard drive was destroyed? Big deal. It only had a local copy downloaded from the servers. Pull it out of the archives on the server/cluster.

    If it's missing from the server/cluster, there's only one explanation: "someone" removed it. This is bigger than Lerner's e-mails. Public agency communications - criminality/liability notwithstanding - are public record. Deleting them is a criminal offense unto itself, but deleting them in the face of a Congressional investigation is an even larger offense. This is not something Lerner could have done herself; it'd take an IT/e-mail administrator to manage this.

    Just my thoughts, as an anonymous IT worker....

  2. Thanks for the excellent explanation.

    It does seem like this is the latest step in a coordinated effort to hide, obfuscate, and cover-up the e-mail evidence trail.

    I've had my Outlook file corrupted in a computer crash at work. Our "Propeller Head" (his term ;)' ) was able to immediately restore the .pst file from a mid-day backup. He told me of the daily/ weekly/ monthly scheme they use for the backups. Impressive. Everything is backed up multiple ways and nothing ever gets thrown away: Some of the backups where in long term off-line storage. There's too much danger of lawsuits. There's also the government's laws mandating the preservation of e-mails.

    The saga of "Lost" IRS emails is a shaggy-dog story of the first water. In my opinion, it illustrates the contempt this administration has for the rule of law, the Constitution, and any limits on executive power. .

    1. Agreed. I'd add that the Obama administration is also showing a considerable amount of contempt for the American people. To think that the press will be able to provide infinite cover and that the people won't eventually question and/or be able to figure things out....

      I already understand he thinks he's the Smartest Man in the Room, but c'mon! He must think us a nation of first-class idiots!