Thursday, June 26, 2014

Comments Fully Enabled

I’m new to this Blogspot thingy. I’ve already developed a deep and abiding hatred dislike for the tool.   

The latest irritation revolves around the Comments. I envision this blog as effort in two way communications – to hopefully increase the community’s - and my - overall understanding. The comments are a poor tool – but the best we have for now. I was frankly concerned about the few comments – but happy about their quality.   

Poking around the default settings of Blogspot (seemingly hidden in about a hundred locations) I found the Comment setup section. The damn thing defaults to limiting comments from “members”. Commenting has now been opened to all. If you were unable to comment in the past, you have my humble apology. 

However, if we suddenly start getting spam from Russian Brides or Nigerian Princes…     


  1. If the Russian Brides are hot, kick 'em my way. Otherwise, blog looks good so far.

    1. Hmm... Already deleted one for Russian Princes - you want?

      Anyway - you should be too busy posting Shep pictures and stories for such falderal. Get to it!