Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mandated Firearms Training?

Oh, Hell, NO!

Government Mandated Firearms Training?

Mandating training before firearm ownership would negate the Constitutionally recognized Unalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms. If there is a government check box to be filled before a Right can be exercised, it isn't a Right. If it isn't a Right, it's subject to all the "reasonable" restrictions busy politicians and career bureaucrats can throw at it. 

Let's try a Gedankenexperiment: With preemptive firearms training classes the law of the land, Michelle Obama becomes the first modern 3rd (she includes her husband's) term president. Just how many hours of training, how much cost, how stringent will the final exams be in order to get a year-long permit to own a firearm? 

That being said, I strongly believe in firearms safety training, and back it with my NRA Instructor Certification and donated time and ammo. Firearms training simply cannot be government mandated and controlled, lest we loose another Right.

Bandying statistics and trends with the emotionally driven will not protect that Right, the argument must be simple and direct and powerful. This is a Fundamental, Enumerated Right, and it is best defended in that context.  

HT:  Rachel Malone via Texas Firearms Freedom


  1. I'll submit to required firearms training after they require all voters to get civics training classes with an emphasis on the Constitution (only in English, of course) and a test at the end.

    Does that make your hair stand up and sound like a poll tax to keep "no information" voters from voting?Yup, just like the mandated firearms training is used as a deterrent to our RKBA.
    Sorry, my natural rights are not up for discussion or compromise.

    1. Well said, Brandon. Can you imagine the education requirements in discourse, logic, erudition, and of course compassion if the gov't controlled access to speech? After all, Hitler used words. (Godwin's Law: 07:32!)

      An real, immediate and troubling effort is the gov't attempt to dramatically limit the legal definition and protection of journalists to essentially an approved and regulated trade organization. They would very happily kill off the citizen journalists such as Drudge, PJ Media, bloggers and forum commentators. The effort got frighteningly far before being shouted down.

      As the Canucks say with their brilliant gun-rights slogan: No Compromise!