Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Memoriam: Joseph Robert Wilcox

A Concealed Carry Weapon permit holder was killed in a Las Vegas Walmart in a rampage by two deranged criminals. He lost his life responding to the highest calling of a citizen. "Joseph died attempting to protect others." said Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who also praised him as a hero.  

Mr. Wilcox "...immediately and heroically moved toward the position...", related Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill. He did so selflessly, likely understanding his chances weren't good, as he was facing a crazy who had already fired a gun in a crowded store. Wilcox's chances were worse than he knew; his opponent had an accomplice who cowardly shot him in the back.  

Our civilization is rich with selfless acts in the protection of others: men running into burning buildings, mothers successfully facing down impossible odds, strangers giving their lives to help those they could never know.  Common people doing extraordinary things. Mr. Wilcox is an example of the best of an ethos that binds us together as a society.

Godspeed, Joseph. Rest in Peace. Well done, well done indeed.

Those who wish to contribute to the Joseph R. Wilcox Memorial Fund can do so by using the Wells Fargo account number 8485852688. Donations to honor the police officers killed in this tragedy can be given via the Injured Police Officers Fund at http://www.injuredpoliceofficers.comLas Vegas Review-Journal