Monday, June 16, 2014

Ruminations on Tools

"It’s the poor craftsman who blames his tools" - usually.

Take the common screwdriver: It’s used as a chisel, paint stirrer, pry bar, door stop, table leveler, scratcher for that itch between the shoulder blades: right there -- ahhhh -- and, of course, a hammer. Occasionally, it drives a screw. In the hands of a 10-thumbed homeowner, the screwdriver can do horrific damage. In the hands of predators, it can kill.

Same tool.

The use depends on the user. It's a process dependent on the user’s intention, vision, and planning. There are always many alternatives; the user must choose a suitable tool. Finally, it's the skills and craftsmanship of the user which determine the end result. The user is in control.

Stop blaming the tool.


  1. LOL. I'm sure that even Grant Cunningham would turn his flowing locks away from that one.

  2. Good read from JPFO: Intentions Matter.

    Someone with good, lawful, peaceful intentions will not willingly harm anyone, even if he/she is carrying a fully-automatic weapon. Someone with bad, criminal, violent intentions is dangerous, whether he/she has a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, a screwdriver, or even nothing but fists/feet.

    Despite what the anti-gun narrative says, a person with a gun is not automatically dangerous. Intentions matter.

  3. An important life lesson. Thanks for the link.

    Everyone should consider joining the JPFO to help support their excellent work.