Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tom Gresham's Free Shaneen Billboard

Free Shaneen Billboard (GunTalk.com)
Tom Gresham, along with the Second Amendment Foundation and the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society have supersized their objections to the Shaneen Allen case. For an honest mistake, Ms Allen now faces 10 years in prison for a "gun crime" without intent nor victim. The gun-rights orgs are attempting to shame the shameless New Jersey prosecutor for Atlantic County: Jim McClain. McClain is the same "tough on crime" prosecutor that excused Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice for beating his fiancee unconscious in an elevator. 

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Guess who blinked?

Trial Postponed for Philly Mom Charged With Carrying Licensed Gun in Wrong State as Prosecutor Takes a Second Look at Her Case

HT: GunTalk.com

Ms Allen has already spent 40 some days in jail and has lost her job. I think it would be only fitting if Jim McClain, the Atlantic County Prosecutor, endured the same. 

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  1. Not just the lost job part. The jail part, too. (Yes, there are two different links there.)