Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cold Cuts: Meat Market Robber Stopped Cold

Gotta love Bob Owens: sometimes his stuff causes you to think "Did I really read that?"

Houston Meat Market Robbery Thwarted By Global Warming, Bullets, But Mostly Bullets
"When the teen-aged clerk didn’t move fast enough for the criminal and the robber fired at her, manager J.L. Nickel gave the robber several reasons to reconsider his profession, including one to the back of the head."

"Surprisingly, the robber not only fled the restaurant after being shot, but successfully escaped."
       Bob Owens,
The market hadn't been robbed in 60 years - then it was. There's an important lesson there... somewhere... I suspect ol' J.L. learned it long ago. 

J.L. Nickel, Manager (Houston Channel 2)

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