Thursday, September 25, 2014

Breaking! NJ Blinks! Shaneen Allen to PTI

In a hard fought victory for common sense, decency and justice, The New Jersey Prosecutor <spit> will allow Shaneen Allen to choose Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI.)

Philly mom arrested for carrying handgun in A.C. to receive pre-trial intervention

PTI is a program that allows first time offenders to avoid the life-long stigma of a felony conviction. Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens running back, benefited from PTI when he beat his fiancee unconscious in a hotel elevator. That same program was denied a mother of two who made an honest mistake and took her licensed CCW into New Jersey. Unlike Rice's, Allen's incident was without intent nor harm to another.

Shaneen Allen and Her Two Sons
(Gary Bernard Charwin in
From the very start this case has been a travesty of justice, driven by the New Jersey's obsession with guns in civilian hands. The Atlantic County Prosecutor, Jim McClain, threatened Allen with greater than 10 years in jail for crossing a state line with a licensed firearm. Thanks to Tom Gresham, the Second Amendment Foundation, the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, the NRA, and the resulting nation-wide groundswell of outrage, McClain was forced to reverse course.

This is a significant victory, but it is also a battle that should never have needed to been fought.  

Ms Allen has already spent 46 days in jail and has lost her job. We think it would be only fitting if Prosecutor McClain endured the same fate.

If the law is an ass, McClain is an @$$hole. 

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