Friday, September 26, 2014

Home Invader Forces Woman Onto Her Roof

Woman Escapes to Roof Fleeing Home Invader
(Alexandria Thompson -
In a situation that could have very quickly gotten much worse, actress Melora Rivera retreated onto to the roof of her Venice Beach, CA home to avoid an intruder. Holding only a cell phone, Ms Rivera's last refuge was a gable's slight overhang. She was fleeing from Christian Hicks, who broke down a door and pursued her through the house to the roof. At one point, Hicks got within 10 to 15 feet of the terrified woman. Hicks is known to area residents and the police, and is thought to be a mentally ill transient.

Woman Evades Mentally Ill Home Intruder By Hiding Half-Naked On Roof

Hicks was detained earlier in the day for breaking into a yard, but was released by the cops. It was fortunately for Rivera that the police were able to respond in only about 2 minutes to the trendy Venice Beach address. Hicks was in custody approximately 30 minutes after the incident's start. From photos, Hicks is a large, athletically built man, and even unarmed, certainly posed a serious threat to the petite Rivera.   

A question to the Mad Moms: do you still demand that this woman, and millions like her, be disarmed in the face of an immediate, overwhelming threat? Ms Rivera is lucky to live in a well-to-do, well policed area like Venice Beach and to have survived this assault. 

Many women aren't that lucky.  

HT: Fox News

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