Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keep Your Gas To Yourself

I'll share a prepper tip I recently had to relearn.

NOT My Truck - Way Too Pretty
I've got an ol'  Ford F-250 HD 4x4 parked in front of my house. It's as ugly, capable and reliable as I dream of being. Amenities are sparse, it barely has an electrical system, and the only computer in it is my smart phone. It's the epitome of yester-tech: brutally simplistic. That's one of the reasons I keep it around: it's my Mad Max truck.  

The truck does have one Achilles' Heel: it needs fuel - lots of it. As such, it carries 43 gallons in two tanks. Last week, someone thought that was entirely too much gas, so during the night they attempted to redistribute the wealth. Unfortunately, they found out it's a diesel truck. That wasn't to their liking, so they tipped over their container, and let about 4 - 5 ill-gotten gallons drain into my gutter. That's about $20 at Cali diesel prices. Thanks, a-holes. I hope you got a mouthful of California's special, unicorn-safe diesel.  

However, I really do need to thank those scum, as they've pointed-out a flaw in my preparations. 

If SHTF, the wifey and I are going to desperately need every ounce of that diesel - and yet, I haven't secured it in any way. During the '70's gas crises, everyone had locking gas caps - or a gas can and a siphon hose like my douche-bag neighbor. We've largely gotten away from locking caps in the intervening decades. But, that's going to change RealSoonNow: I'm protecting my automotive life blood with two new locking caps.

I've already got the siphon hose.  ;^)'   

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