Monday, September 8, 2014

Mob Attacks 3 in Kroger Parking Lot

A  mob of 20-50 youths (reported elsewhere as upwards of 100-120) randomly attacked a Kroger shopper and two Kroger employees who came to his aid. Cell phone video showed one employee being repeatedly kicked the head. The mob was shouting "Fam Mob" (a local street gang) and apparently chose their victims based on race. One witness described the attack as being a game; the "Point 'em out - Knock 'em out" game. A felonious "game" that has already turned deadly. 

There have been no arrests to date. Fortunately, the three victims are recovering. Given the number of assailants and the viciousness of the attacks, it could have been much, much worse. However, there is absolutely no guarantee the next "game" won't result in a greater tragedy.

Update: A 15 year old thought to be the assailant in bright green stomping and kicking the store employee's head has been arrested.

Mad  Moms, tell us again why we should be disarmed while shopping at Kroger.

A little advice: you need to avoid urban malls, parks, concerts, sporting events and other places large groups of youths gather. Keep your head on a swivel -- It's getting more dangerous out there.

HT: WREG News Channel 3 and WMC-TV 5

Note: YouTube has removed the original unedited video of the attack first used in this post.  A screen explains the "The video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy of prohibiting content designed to harass, bully, or threaten." This is a highly questionable excuse, as the video only shows the actual attack with unrestrained comments from the cell phone operator. Why this censorship? One is left wondering if this video is too revealing for YouTube and their owner Google's political sensitivities. 

I've replaced the original clip with another one. However, given Google/YouTube's past actions, it might also disappear. 

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