Friday, September 12, 2014

100 Post Milestone

Well, I'll be danged... this blog has hit 100 posts. 

Who'd ah thunk it?

It started as a perceived need, a suspicion of competence, delusions of adequacy, a hesitant experiment and a quavering written voice. We've learned a lot, improved, gotten lucky, got some notice, earned some favorable comments, and now we're very, very small.  ;^)'   We've got a daily readership in the hundreds and the blog is seen worldwide. Here's a shout-out to our lone Venezuelan reader. Not too bad for a three month-old blog. I'd like to thank co-blogger Archer, our mentors, friends, readers and commentators for being there as we make these first clumsy, hesitant steps.

By some weird coincidence, we've also hit 12,000 page views and 100 comments at the same time. I'm surprised to find out just how important comments are to a blogger: They're our essential connection with the readers: Is our message getting out? - Is it being accepted - Is it making a difference? - Can we do better? - Is this thing on?

I do believe we're helping in a small way in the the protection of our Rights. We all do what we can.

Thanks again!

     Charlie Foxtrot


  1. It only gets better!
    (OK I am lying through my teeth ) :D
    Keep at it !

    1. Thanks, Miggy! And thanks for all your advice.

  2. Dang! 100 posts, 100 comments, and 12,000 page views? Not too bad, I say, especially as the "new kids".

    I'd like to add an additional "thank you" to the readers who keep coming back and commenting. I love me a good conversation with some back-and-forth, plus it really does let us know that people find value here, more so than simple page view counts.

    Not to get too sappy, but an extra "thank you" goes to Charlie Foxtrot, who offered me a space here. Like you said, "The hours are long, the rewards few, but at least you don't get paid!" but it's absolutely worth it to have a voice in the discussion. :D