Thursday, September 25, 2014

BREAKING! NPR: Holder To Resign Today

AG Eric Holder
Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General

Good Riddance. He was/is a highly polarizing figure and no friend to the Rights community or the Rule of Law.

However, the timing is interesting: done now in order to get a controversial replacement through the Senate while the Democrats still control? If so, the mind recoils at who will be put in his place. Hard leftist California Attorney General Kamala Harris? Or another close to Obama? Could Holder be leaving for his rumored, long-desired judicial appointment - again to be confirmed by a still compliant Senate?    

Did he jump -- or was he pushed? 


  1. Man, you are just FULL of all sorts of good news, huh?

    I'd plan on the first option: 0bama needs to force a like-minded replacement AG candidate through the Senate while Dems still control it. The second option is too far out; a lot of people, including Democrats, can't be seen supporting him as a judicial appointee, esp. in an election year.

    Actually, now that I think about it, with 0bama's penchant for throwing his allies under the bus, we can't completely rule out a judicial appointment, either.

    1. There's an extremely dangerous period - about 2 months - between the Nov elections and the seating of the new Congress in early January. The lame-duck Senate is structured to do all sorts of damage through the confirmation process.

      Normally, the Senate isn't really in session during this period - however, normalcy is a sweet memory nowadays.

  2. Just picked up a hot rumor: a possible replacement is California Attorney General Kamala Harris. She's a reliable, hard lefty, with no issues about trifling with little things, like the Constitution.

    If so - God help us all.

    1. God help us indeed if the ... how did the Prez put it? ... "most attractive Attorney General" became THE Attorney General?

      I've read the reports on her from the gun-rights side. She's definitely a piece of work. "U.S. Attorney General Kamala Harris" would be a disaster.