Monday, November 3, 2014

Vik Khanna in the News Again

Vik Khanna
(source: Khanna on Health Blog)
Remember Vik Khanna?

As it turns out, he's launched a new website and e-book entitled Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How to Avoid Obamacare, available from both Amazon and Smashwords.

Being a healthcare professional, you might suspect him of having a pro-big-government, pro-bureaucracy point of view. Rightly so, but his writing places a strong emphasis on independence, personal choice, and personal responsibility, and minimal reliance (read: dependence) on the government or the "healthcare industry".

From a gun-rights point-of-view, that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

(source: Amazon)
The book is only $3.49 USD. The prologue is a free (yes, free) download from the Your Personal Affordable Care Act site, and nearly every section header is a potential Quote of the Day. This is one e-book I'm going to have to pick up.

Case in point: "Numbers lie and, in healthcare, they lie with greater power than in any other industry."

Check it out.

(Hat tip: David Codrea's Examiner article, E-book Arms Americans with Practical Health Advice, which also notes, "To encounter a health professional who believes in gun rights is always a valuable find. To see he is also knowledgeable enough to withstand and prevail over the inevitable treatment 'heretics' receive when challenging false doctrines makes his entry into the gun rights discussion one of real value." Amen.)

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