Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Seen Elsewhere in the Gun Blogosphere...

Or, as The Tam says, "because I hate wasting good material at an away game."

Herschel over at The Captain's Journal offered up some discussion, "Will Democrats Control the Legislative Agenda on Guns?"

Naturally, this drew a ... dissenting opinion, this time in the spectre of commentator "Kaiser Derden":
seriously ? they think the lame duck Senate can pass gun control ? so far the GOP House has stopped everything ... quit crying wolf ... this is just a fundraising stunt ...
... to which people responded appropriately (actually rather kindly and patiently, in my opinion).

I had this to say in reply:
As has been implied, the GOP - while in power - doesn't have to push "gun control" for us to get "gun control". Or "immigration reform", or single-payer healthcare, or any other "Progressive" policy change.

They just have to not actively oppose it.

Don't underestimate how painfully easy it is to convince a lazy or spineless individual to do nothing.
Emphasis added on that last line; it's the important one.

So the Senate has changed hands and will be controlled by the GOP? Big deal. That will mean absolutely nothing if the Democrats can convince a just few RINOs to cross the aisle and most of the rest to simply not vote against The Agenda.

Also, click over to David Codrea's piece about the upcoming "continuing resolution" vote that inspired Herschel's post. It's a stark display on how a little "go along to get along" can produce massive setbacks and unintended (or intended?) consequences.

The GOP, starting in January, will control both chambers of Congress. Let me be clear(er than the President, who misuses/abuses the phrase): It's not over, and this is not the time to grow complacent. We won big, no doubt, but we have to keep the GOP lawmakers' feet to the fire, or all that we have gained will be just as quickly lost. The GOP Congress must cede no ground — not on gun rights, not on "immigration reform", not on healthcare, not on the budget, not on anything the Executive Branch doesn't have the explicit Constitutional power to control. Keep the pressure on.

And please, stay safe.

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