Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On This Veterans Day...

I wish I had more eloquent words for our veterans today. It is truly inspiring that so many would risk so much mdash; and sometimes give all — so that the rest of us may live as we wish.

And all I can think to say is, "Thank you." It's not, and will never be, enough, but I pray it suffices.

But now, because Veterans Day is for celebrating the lives of our service men and women, allow me to offer this:

Because American Armed Forces, F$@# YEAH!

And this:

Because nothing says "America" quite like playing the Star-Spangled Banner in your backyard. With a rifle.

Thank you, veterans, for protecting our country and our freedoms. It's still the greatest nation on Earth, in no small part because of your service.

(Note: this post has been slightly modified as follows: the size of the videos has been increased and minor formatting changes have been made to the text. The Android tablet device used to create the original would not let me touch the HTML coding to make these changes. Stoopid 'Droids.)

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