Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Need For Self-Defense: Another Object Lesson

Ferguson/ Florissant burned Monday night.

(Daily Mail)

No firemen were in evidence. The few cops were largely spectators. The oft promised National Guard was notable in its absence. The rioters, looters, and arsonists owned the night. There are whispers written allegations that the order to not resist came from Gov. Jay Nixon and Attorney General Eric Holder. For the second time, the residents and business owners of the area were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and expediency. 

This is an eloquent lesson in the need for a capable self-defense and a vibrant, uninfringed Second Amendment. Your homes, livelihoods and even lives can and will be sold on the barrel-head for political gain.   

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  1. Indeed. Watching this whole thing unfold, I'm actually surprised there weren't more wounds, more deaths (were there any?), more burned buildings/cars, more looting, etc.

    I count it as a miracle that it was as "calm" as it was, relatively speaking; it could easily have been much, much worse.

    How are you and the missus faring? OK, so far?

  2. We're safe in our 'burb. It was a very, VERY quiet night here. Except for surprising a mob of deer when I took the Shedders out to potty at 3 AM.

    More than anything I'm getting angry about what is being done to my adopted city. And the swarm of lies from the protestors, their fellow travelers, racialist hucksters, and outright bastards like Gov Nixon, Atty Gen Holder and 'Boma.

    Racialist, White House confidant and all-round sonsuffabitch Al Sharpton is predicting 33 "protest" around the country tonight. Everyone, please Check Six.

    I understand there was some issues in LA and Oakland last night. Although, in Oakland - who could tell? .