Saturday, November 15, 2014

In St Louis

I'm  now on the ground in St Louis , MO. The wife and I have escaped California - and landed our fat right in the fire of Ferguson, Missouri. 

There's no doubt that the situation hear is tense. The news is full of angry protestors, worried citizens, and preparing authorities. The Grand Jury findings are expected any day. 

I'm still getting a feel for the situation. And I'm working 14 hour days to bring order out of the chaos of the move. And KAOS is winning. Blogging will continue to be light, despite Archer's excellent efforts. However... be sure to keep checking back. I've got a couple of important posts  coming soon. 

And watch your six. 


  1. Welcome! We'll have to grab some BBQ and do some shooting in Affton. :)

  2. Stay Safe,,,,and yes, grab BBQ.

  3. It's a deal, ALIMO. Gotta get my caveman on: haven't had BBQ since Tejas in July.

    Know of any good outdoor ranges/ gun clubs near the NW St Louis County area? I need some recoil therapy, and several neighbors have asked to be introduced to the AR.