Monday, August 25, 2014

Armed Squirrel Project Podcast

Squirrel: Currently In
the Witless Protection Program
Sticks Survival of the Armed Squirrel Project (ASP) podcast invited us to co-host last week. 

The ASP discusses preparation, survival gardening, firearms, current topics, and the occasional ;) SQUIRRELS! of the two hosts. Imagine that once a week, two good friends with a lot to share get on the phone and we're privileged to play NSA. Sticks and Toby provide a natural, folksy, informative, and very entertaining listen. Highly recommended for the important content. 

Toby couldn't attend the week of August 24th, 2014, so yours-truly got volunteered. You can listen to the entertaining train-wreck here: Episode 28: Uno Mas Riot or on the usual suspects: iTunes, Sticher, etc. We talk about riots, cowboy shooting, and the blog.       

Do your ears and mind a favor, subscribe and listen regularly to the Armed Squirrels Project: Highly Recommended.

...And Protect Your Nuts...

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