Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Win In California: Ammo Permit Bill Dies

Yesterday, in a rare bout of legislative common sense, the very bad SB 53: Ammunition Purchase Permits bill was narrowly defeated on a 35-35 vote.  Firearms Policy Coalition

Our CA Legislators Playing Games (LA Times)
"We are ecstatic that lots of hard work and a fantastic coalition opposition to SB 53 resulted in a great win for gun rights. But it wasn't all good news last night, as SB 808, AB 1014, AB 1609, and SB 199 were passed. These gun control bills will become law unless Governor Brown vetoes the bills!"
   The Firearms Policy Coalition

Please click on the vetoes the bills hotlink: there's a good summary of those four bills. You can also make your voice heard in a few seconds, for free, by using the link to send an e-mail, fax, and letter to Governor Brown. The communication urges a veto of these four unworkable and un-Constitutional bills. If you can, throw a little sumthin'-sumthin' at the Firearms Policy Coalition for all the great work they are doing. 

Enjoy your Labor Day! We've got burgers to burn and beers to drink!


  1. ca is ruled by fools, not governed by a constitutional republic like it should be!