Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BREAKING: Kroger Rejects Bloomberg Moms' Gun Policy

Via Packing Heat, Shedding Light -- JPFO's official blog -- comes news that grocery store giant Kroger, facing pressure from Shannon Watts' Michael-Bloomberg-funded "Moms Demand Action" group (which sometimes operates under its own brand, and sometimes under the "Everytown for Gun Safety" brand, despite the merge), has opted to NOT change its policy concerning the peaceable carry of firearms in its stores.

As Nicki put it:
Kroger didn’t feel like seeing an increase in robberies, like some other businesses that saw it fit to ban armed self defense. So they told the Mommies where to stick it. The company will continue allowing both concealed and open carry, as permitted by law, which prompted another ridiculous hashtag campaign on Twitter – #GroceriesNotGuns – which is bound to work about as well as the one demanding Boko Haram brings back the girls they kidnapped in Nigeria.

Feel free to click through to read a few of the reactions from the Twitter-verse.

The source article is here at the Wall Street Journal, but it's behind a paywall.  You can only see the first paragraph or so, but the very first sentence names "[o]ne of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun-control groups" as the instigator, providing yet more proof that "gun control" is a movement of wealthy elites has no real "grassroots."

Let's hear it for Kroger, and thank them -- preferably by "voting with our wallets," where and when possible -- for respecting their customers' rights!

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