Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Michael Brown and Deputy Brandon Love

Much of the frustration -- and anger – that comes from the reportage of Michael Brown's death stems from the media's constant use of the "unarmed" meme. As if a powerfully built, 300 pound, 6'-4" man could be powerless. The media's motivations are suspect since they've repeated the same meme for weeks despite the emergence of contradictory information. Over and over they slyly imply that the officer wrongly shot a helpless man. For those who've honestly thought it through, the implications cannot make any sense. But then, I've had a personal lesson to help counteract the media's cynical obsession.

Deputy Bernard Love
and his wife Nicole
On the night of August 15, a week after Michael Brown's encounter with Officer Wilson, Lakewood Sheriff’s Deputy Bernard Love was critically injured by a suspected domestic abuser. The suspect knocked the Deputy to the ground and repeatedly stomped his head. Only the actions of a courageous bystander saved Bernard Love from death.

The suspect was unarmed…

…and probably not anywhere near the size of Michael Brown. Deputy Love is a big man; he looks significantly bigger than Officer Wilson. Yet, Bernard Love was only a single footfall from death... by an unarmed man.   

And… it’s personal: I live in the town Deputy Love serves. We tend to highly value our LEOs and their service. Deputy Bernard Love was initially told that he would probably never walk again; he's doing his damnedest to prove his doctors wrong. Love faces a host of other problems, none greater than the loss of a vibrant future. He has a lovely wife and growing family; all respected members of this community. And... it’s very personal; as a member of the Neighborhood Watch, I’ve dealt with Deputy Love before. Today, this outstanding gentleman lies in a hospital, struggling to recover a semblance of the life that was stolen by an unarmed thug. Yes... it’s personal.    

So, to any opportunistic member of the media that reflexively sneers at Officer Wilson and his use of a firearm, come to Lakewood, California. There you may see the horrific damage that the unarmed can do to an armed man. 

You lying bastards.   

HT: Long Beach Press Telegram, Lakewood Sheriff's Facebook page, and Rob Morse, of the Polite Society Podcast and Slow Facts Blog.  


  1. John Caile, with the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) covered this in an article, appropriately entitled, "'Unarmed' Doesn't Mean 'Harmless'" (click the 'X' to close the "We Appreciate Your Support" box to read the full article). He hits a lot of the same points.

    The money quote, I think, is this: "[T]he more insidious result of this constant repetition of the word 'unarmed' is that it gives the public the impression that it must somehow be illegal to use deadly force against an 'unarmed' assailant." That nails it.

    The media circus has chosen their "victim" (Brown), and they have chosen their "perpetrator" (Officer Wilson). The roles have been predetermined -- facts be damned -- and the media has the full story at 11...

    ... the lying bastards.

  2. Very good article.

    Kinda of make me wonder why I was up past midnight writing my post.

    I do believe continuously highlighting the media's corruption does serve a positive end. And Deputy Love's story needs to be told. One can hope....

    ... the lying bastards.

    1. I'd never heard of Deputy Love before this, so I agree: his story needs to be told. He and his family are now in my prayers.

      And the story of the media's corruption also needs to be told. If it gets out and goes viral, the worst that can happen is ... nothing. But nothing will happen unless it gets out.