Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beware of Aviation Geeks Bearing Gifts

Back from the wilds of Tejas. My thanks to Archer for stepping way up to provide a week of excellent content!

To make amends, I'm including my aerospace geekery photos of Nasa's Johnson Space Center and the Lone Star Flight Museum.

Johnson Space Center and the Lone Star Flight Museum Photos

Really enjoyed the Flight Museum. They've got quite a collection of WWII aircraft to make the heart go pitter-patter, including a very rare Consolidated PBY4-2 Privateer (a B-24 variant.) Their collection is broad, but unfortunately, many aircraft are elsewhere, still correcting Hurricane Ike's damage. The museum is located on Galveston Island's old WWII Galveston Army Air Field, which is all of five feet above mean high sea level. Ike threw 10 foot salt water waves into the museum, causing about $20 mil of damage to the hangers, aircraft and exhibits.

Thankfully, once was enough, and in 2016 the museum will relocate to a new facility well away from the ocean. 

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