Monday, August 11, 2014

Update: NJ Seeks To Jail Mom 10 Yrs For Mistake

If you've lost Insty, you've lost America:
Carrying a gun way worse than beating your wife: USA TODAY Column by Glenn Harlan Reynolds (InstaPundit.) There are laws for the rich and famous - and laws for us.

Recommended reading. NJ's draconian gun laws are just one of the nation-wide efforts to make exercising Second Amendment rights confusing and dangerous.

Tom Gresham (GunTalk Radio) proposes renting NJ billboards to shame District Attorney Jim McClain.    

Overambitious NJ Governor Chris Christie has yet to weigh in.

Shaneen Allen Legal Defense Fund

This young mother of two made an innocent mistake and brought her Pennsylvania legal CCW pistol into New Jersey. Now, the rabidly anti-gun state is massing its full power to jail her for three and a half ten+ years for a "crime" without intent or a victim.

Even by the debased standards of a corrupt New Jersey, this is a travesty. Please help Shaneen Allen fight this insanity with a donation to her legal defense fund here.

And fight hard for National Reciprocity. Rights know no borders.

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