Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jim Brady Has Died

James Brady, Press Secretary for the Reagan Administration, and later a figurehead for Handgun Control, Inc. and the follow-on Brady Campaign, and has died.

Thirty-three years ago, Jim Brady was critically injured in an attack that nearly cost President Reagan his life. Policemen Delahanty and McCarthy also fell badly hurt. Brady was so severely injured that all three networks pronounced him dead. The shooter was judged not guilty by reason of insanity, has been "cured", and now enjoys trips outside his mental facility.

James Brady
Although much mischief has been done in his name, we should never forget that Brady was desperately hurt in service to this Nation. A madman sentenced him to years of living with a disabling brain injury. That others opportunistically took advantage of his prominence and his injuries does not diminish his honorable service. We do ourselves and our causes no credit if we demean the man and his pain. 

Godspeed, Mr. James Brady. Rest in Peace. Thank you for your Service.

And pardon our dust as we grind the Brady Campaign into well-deserved irrelevance.

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