Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guns Blaimed For Ferguson

I realize it's the Huffington Post (I see orange rubber bullets) and UCLA (Westwood High, Social Justice Warrior campus); but even so, the level of inanity of this article is truly breathtaking. In his piece, Ferguson: With So Many Guns in America, Police Are Trained to Live in Fear, UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler (any relation to the Fonz?) makes a few basic, unrelated observations, injects a racist assumption, comes to a unsupported conclusion, and voila!: It's The GUNS fault! Ayyyyyyyy!

To summarize Winkler's argument:
  • There are a lot of guns in the United States
  • Police have to train to extremes because there are a lot of guns
  • Police are racist because of guns
  • Police contacts with the populace are tainted by racism and guns
  • The police are militarizing because of the amount of guns
  • Ferguson...
  • Because GUNS!!!
  • Propose the same ineffective, un-Constitutional, "common sense" anti-gun laws

If you think Winkler's level of analysis is best suited to tony, up-town, elitist, cocktail party chit-chat after a couple/ three/ more Cosmopolitans, we're in complete agreement.

It is too fisk. Readers are invited to post their own comments. I'll enhance this post when/ if I get some time this busy weekend.

HT: Guns Save Lives  

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