Monday, August 4, 2014

State Gun Law Website

The wife and I are a thoroughly modern couple: she’s in Missouri, I’m in California, and we hope to someday soon to be together again in Texas.  

One of the many, many complexities this life brings is managing all the different gun laws in the states where we live, meet, train, or pass through. California is, of course, a nightmare. Missouri is much better, but has it’s vagaries. Tejas is very good – but they somehow don’t allow open carry of handguns. You just never know. The wife has recently gotten her CCW (Yay!), but has been reluctant to carry outside her state in fear of violating some random law. And the case of the young mom running afoul of New Jersey’s draconian anti-gun laws didn’t help her concerns.    

It was time to get edumicated.
Choose a State - is a highly respecteded internet site. It seems well organized, complete and informative. Importantly, the site had been updated the day before. The info is immediately available; not hidden behind a paywall. I liked the way the info was organized: with a click on a state in the US map, a multi-page (13 in the case of Texas) summary of the state’s gun laws appeared. Right up front it identifies that TX is a Must Inform state. The summary covers much more than CCW rules and regulations; it touches on transportation and safe storage laws, deadly force, chemical sprays, knives, etc. It looks complete - to a Californian. Summary of Texas Weapon Laws
I shudder to think what Cali's "summary" looks like.


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  1. As an out-of-stater, CA's "summary" (16 pages) from is byzantine, confusing, and redundant, best understood by competent attorneys and judges, and best summed up with one word:


    The site itself is excellent, though. Lots of good information presented in (relatively) short articles. Most importantly, it's kept up-to-date; they seem to check on new developments constantly, which with all due respect is much better than the NRA-ILA summaries.