Saturday, August 16, 2014

Michael Brown/ Ferguson MO Riot 2.0

Instructive dynamic: MO State Police adopt a nonconfrontational stance to great media and political acclaim, ...aaaaand, wait for it...  After day's calm, a storm erupts overnight in Ferguson

StL Post-Dispatch
'There are no police': Ferguson store owners guard businesses; cite lack of police response

Police presence in question during overnight looting in Ferguson

Ferguson police stand down; Looters run wild again; Local store owners plead for help: ‘Where the cops at?'

Weak police response in Ferguson confirms necessity of self-defense, gun ownership

Armed citizens defend Sam’s Meat Market in Ferguson

StL Post-Dispatch
HT: Fox News, StL Post Dispatch,

This is an object lesson: law-abiding citizens can and will be sold down the river for political correctness and the politicians' personal gain. You have to be strong, capable and take responsibility for your own safety at all times.   


  1. No duty to protect...specially when politics are involved.

    1. Our ol' friend Miggy has taken his permanently attached BBQ spatula and knocked one out of the park:

  2. First Rule of Politics: NEVER stand between a politician and a TV camera.

    MO Gov Nixon is living down to his reputation as a political whore.

  3. WARNING: Do Not Read Twitter #Ferguson if you want to retain any faith in humanity.