Sunday, January 11, 2015

The New Tactical Reality - Michael Bane

Michael Bane has long been a noted thinker, nae - a philosopher, in the field of self-defense. He stands out in an discipline dominated by the "Shoot 'em - with cool moves and cool stuff" crowd." When he opines about a new form of terrorism and it's impact on an individual's self-protection needs, you best listen - hard.  

Michael Bane
(Outdoor Channel)

The Paris jihadi attacks illustrate a new phase in the war against Western Civilization. The extremists have learned to democratize terror: now, anyone can be a terrorist, and everyone can be a victim. As those at the French magazine, supermarket and print shop found, the new face of terrorism can appear at any place, at any moment, in any guise. You best be ready. A damn good first step would be to read Bane's blogpost: 

The New Tactical Reality

Then, hit the Stratfor, Rand and Gabe Suarez links he provides. 
You should note the resemblance of the new jihadi tactics to the Alinsky-tinged ones being employed by the Hands Up - Don't Shoot activists. Food for thought - and worry.  


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