Thursday, January 8, 2015

BREAKING: Barbara Boxer (Leftist California US Senator) To Retire!

One of the most virulent anti-gun, reliably hard leftist - and not coincidentally, perhaps the dumbest of all senior California politicians - has announced that this will be her last term as a US Senator. 

Heil Babs Boxer
California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer won't seek re-election in 2016

Although her retirement from national politics is a cause for celebration, the thought of what will replace her is gut-wrenching. 


  1. Mixed feelings. Would you prefer to stick with the devil you know, or roll the dice on some new devil?

    Given California, I suppose it's too much to hope for even a neutral, centrist candidate, huh?

    1. Boxer was undeniably an elitist, reflexively hard leftist, statist, anti-Constitutional and rabidly anti-gun, so her replacement's votes could hardly be worse. However, she was not anywhere near as corrupt as her counterpart DiFi - perhaps because she was rather dense.

      Given California, her replacement is almost assuredly going to be worse. The names I've seen are truly frightening. Still - it's good to see her ilk go - even though it is a transitory pleasure.

  2. I was hoping a house picked up by a tornado in Kansas would land on her and her little bitch Feinstein, too.

    I have so little respect for these two old evil hags that I feel I need to take a shower when I see their picture.
    They are both so enamored with gun control and progressive power that I delight in the justice that awaits them both on Judgment Day.