Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Corruption of Diane Feinstein

Senator’s Husband Stands To Profit Big From Government Deal

     How big? One Billion dollars of big. 

     One of the obvious dichotomies in the political process is the amount of money spent to win an elected position that only pays pennies on the dollar. Not so apparent is the steady increase in many politician's wealth as their power and influence grows. Many pols retire extremely wealthy. The Divine DiFi (Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA) is now one of the 50th wealthiest women in the world; her personal net worth is an eye-opening $70 Million. Interesting, as she started as a lawyer in bathhouses of San Francisco. She largely amassed that fortune during her decades of  public service (a term definitely used advisably.)

Senator Dianne Feinstein
      She stands to get even richer, as her husband Richard Blum, of Blum Capitol Partners, is a recipient of a sweetheart deal to sell government buildings. As the sole negotiator for 54 USPS buildings, his company would rake in commissions averaging $18.5 Million a building. That's a damn fine payday. Or payoff.

      It would seem this is a fine example of the "soft" corruption that is endemic in our nations political class. Deals are cut and slotted to those with connections to the leaders. It a relatively small group, known to us as the "Elites". Money flows from the People, to the Government, and then to their friends and compatriots. The Government benefits not the People, but the elite class.

     To the focus of this blog, our leaders jealously accumulate not only money and wealth, but power too. The arms owned by the populace are a significant power not controlled by the elites. Which may explain why DiFi hs for so long been adamant about removing arms from the hands of the populace.

    Read the above link and decide for yourself. Guard your money -- and your rights.

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  1. Look into her cold dead eyes and behold her dark heart.

    She has clearly stated that she wants us disarmed and I'm sure it is not for our own good. Only my enemy wants me disarmed, so when she finally expires I plan on having a little party to celebrate. Insensitive and gauche, but appropriate given how she has behaved in this life and what she represents.