Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quote of the Day — David Codrea (July 20, 2015)

Taking on NRA's refusal to address the danger that granting amnesty and voting rights to millions of illegal immigrants (who will overwhelmingly vote Democrat) poses to gun rights, based on their false insistence on "single-issue" opinions:
Hey, Titanic's job is to steam. If you want to avoid icebergs, board another ship.
Ouch! That smarts!

Stay safe.


  1. Actually the single issue strategy has paid off and will continue to pay off for the NRA. I think that Codrea's assumption that every gun owner will lockstep with what he thinks it is the right thing, shows he is not quite in touch with the increasingly new generation of gun owners.
    And it is quite insulting, I am not a drone that must say yes to what some self-imposed leader says it is important.

    1. But the NRA doesn't always stick to the "single-issue". They supported legislation and filed amicus briefs in the ACLU lawsuit against mass-surveillance by the fed.gov, and put together an ad campaign during the 2014 election featuring the IRS scandal, NSA mass-surveillance (again), pop culture, and promoting good ol' American hard work, all under the rationalization that "all freedoms are connected".

      Now, I support the NRA; they do fantastic work promoting and defending gun rights (and other freedoms) for all. And I am also not a "drone" who must be in lock-step with every arbitrary "leader" (and I apologize for any such implied offense; it was not intended), but I think Codrea has a point here: Even strict "single-issue" advocacy allows for the flexibility to counter indirect threats, but the NRA has deviated from their "single-issue" stance in the past when threats to other, non-gun-related freedoms presented themselves. So on both those points, why are they refusing to address this one?