Monday, July 13, 2015

New Jersey is at it Again

Hiz 'oner

Chris Christie’s New Jersey is at it again: bringing the full weight of the state against an innocent CCW carrier.  This case is far too similar to the travesty endured by Shaneen Allen.
The Fletcher Family
          Brian Fletcher mobilized his crew to repair storm related cell phone tower damage in Trenton, New Jersey. He left his North Carolina home less than an hour after an emergency plea from New Jersey. Once in Jersey, he was approached by a police officer. Fletcher handed over his ID and as any good North Carolina citizen would, he informed the officer that he had his CCW in his vehicle.

         Ignoring Fletcher’s critical disaster relief role, his NC CCW permit and his absolute lack of any criminal intent, the cop arrested and charged Fletcher with carrying a firearm - a Class 2 Felony in the Garbage State. It seems if a New Jersey cop approaches, you should only give him your name, rank and serial number, as you are deep in enemy territory.

         Fletcher is now home in North Carolina, free on a $25,000 dollar bond. A law-abiding man, he faces five years in prison and the ruin of his life for a "crime" without intent nor victim. His lawyer is trying for the pre-trial intervention program and hoping for a pardon. 

         We wish NJ governor Christie would shake off his usual food coma and do the right thing. We hope he immediately frees an innocent man, rather than waiting for the right time in his presidential campaign.
        And big guy, start to fix your damn state’s insane gun laws NOW, or you can choke on your overfed political ambitions.  


  1. And don't give us any of this "It's the best I can do with a Democrat-controlled legislature" crap. You have veto power, and you've exercised it on about half the bad laws, and about half the not-so-bad laws. Your record on gun laws is, at best, 50/50.

    Trusting our rights to what essentially amounts to a coin flip may be OK in New Jersey, but it is not good enough for America.

    1. There are many things Christe can do legally with just his "pen and phone". He's within the law if he instruct the CCW bureaucrats to accept self-defense as an adequate reason for granting a CCW permit. He can also rectify the unlawful delays in granting a handgun purchase permit. And he could immediately grant a pardon to Fletcher. But, Christe's just sitting on his fat ass. And hiding behind his make-work commission on NJ gun laws smokescreen.

      That's a piss-poor record for someone claiming to be a conservative.

      Christe, you can have my vote when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.