Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Nannybowl

     Anyone else a little off-put by all the preachy ads during the Superbowl? 

     When the wife orders pizza, she's not being beaten. Our nieces and nephews are not snacking on poison or shooting-up heroin. The extended family cheers the kidlets on in softball, where they certainly do not throw like a girl. Their harried fathers are continuously involved in their lives. In short, they live normal lives. Along with the majority of Superbowl viewers.

     So why all the angst?
Could it be... Nannies?
 Dana Carvey as the Church Lady (SNL)
     It seems the old-fashioned, stogy, tragically unhip, nuclear families are doing pretty well by the ads' measures. As they have for centuries. There's the answer - one that's been sneered at for years by the intelligentsia. 

     So... go bother someone else.

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