Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Free Ice Cream Machine on the Fritz

Sorry, all. We've been a bit slow posting here.

For me, it's not the lack of gun-related news — the recent court decisions, overturning not one, but two (2!) provisions in the venerable Gun Control Act of 1968 (the prohibition on any involuntary committal to a mental-health facility, as applied in Tyler v. Hillsdale Co. Sheriff's Dept.; and the prohibition on interstate handgun sales, even through FFLs, in Mance v. Holder) are, as "Crazy Uncle Joe" Biden says, "A big F-ing deal" — or the lack of interesting local news.

It's just Life, speaking in its Outdoor Voice.

Not to offer empty platitudes or excuses, but work has been Hell On Earth, and it's been hectic at home, too, leaving shockingly little time or energy for even reading up on events, let alone researching and writing about them. "Life doesn't just stop and wait for tech support," I say at work; I can attest, it doesn't take a break for blogging, either.

So let me offer my apologies to our readers for the lack of new content. Here's to hoping we can get the Free Ice Cream machine fixed, and soon, and get back to our regular schedule.

In the meantime, as always, stay safe.


  1. Lord, I apologize too.

    My Ice Cream nozzle has been plugged as of late. However, there's a lot everyone in the Gun Rights community should be aware of.ciefly, the Oboma Justice Department/ ATF's push to ban a very popular AR-15 5.56 round on the most spurious of grounds.

    WE raised th alarm here a past Saturday. BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo:

    We all should be commenting on the BATFE's proposed regulation change before March 16th. Instructions on how to contact the BATFE are included in the blog post. And write and call your Congress person. ASAP

    Post examining this issue upcoming - as soon as life stops taping me on the forehead with brickbats.

    Stay safe and guard your Rights!

    1. I think it's a good idea, before submitting a comment on the proposed M855 ammo ban, to make sure we're educated on the facts of both the ammo itself and the policy they're trying to use.

      A couple good posts from John Richardson on the subject:

      Our comments need to be informed and accurate, addressing what the BATFE is trying to do, and how they're trying to do it. They don't care about 2nd Amendment protections, so while it's worth a mention, don't rely on that. They also care little for the technicalities of the law; don't rely solely on that, either. Also noteworthy is that while out of a rifle, ANY centerfire ammo will go through soft body armor like a hot knife through butter, it's not clear whether even M855 with its "penetrator tip" would have sufficient velocity to do so out of an AR in pistol configuration.

      One of those links includes other links to sample letters and sites that will forward your comment to BATFE automatically. The tools are there to make this easy - now it's our job to flood their inbox. Break the comment server, if we can.