Thursday, March 15, 2018

Call to Action — Oregon Anti-Gun Group Launching Ballot Measure to Ban "Assault Weapons" and Standard-Capacity Magazines

From Oregon Firearms Federation:
Anti civil rights groups are meeting tonight to launch a ballot measure to ban modern firearms and feeding devices.
At this point, they're probably just starting to gather petition signatures. But if they get enough — and let's be realistic, they will — it will go to a general vote. As OFF notes, ballot fights in Oregon are typically won in Multnomah County; it's the population center of Portland(ia) and carries WAY above its weight in (blue) votes. No doubt that's why the anti-gun groups are choosing a ballot initiative fight versus petitioning the Legislature; they think they can get more restrictions more easily.

The worst part is: historically, they're not wrong.

The counter-solution is to Get Out the (Non-Urban) Vote. We will need to engage all gun owners for this one. If you're registered to vote in Oregon, make sure you cast your ballot. If you're not registered, get registered. And if you know any gun owners who aren't registered, offer to take them down to get registered. We're going to need everyone on board.

I'm not going to bull-s**t you, it's an uphill battle we're not likely to win. My biggest hope is that since this is an off-year election, the Multnomah County liberals won't feel like putting in the effort. Don't count on that, though; I fully expect money to flow freely from out-of-state anti-gun billionaires to fund advertisements in support of the measure. The pro-gun side will not be able to match those resources.

Therefore, for the pro-freedom side, "staying home" is not an option if you care about your Second Amendment rights...

... especially since Oregon votes 100% absentee. You can stay home and still vote; there's no excuse for failing to mail your ballot.

I'll post an update as soon as the signature-gathering is complete and we have a measure number.

Until then, stay safe.

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