Sunday, April 10, 2016

Obama's Pro-Crime Initiatives

Same To You, Barry
    In the past weeks, the Obama administration has released a series of actions that are pro-criminal and racist to their core. Largely avoided by the media because of the third-rail nature of racial politics, these initiatives certainly affect the safety of the Nation’s law-abiding.  

    First, Obama commuted the sentences of another 61 criminals. Most were involved in distribution of large amounts of illegal drugs, but one in five were also sentenced in part for gun crimes. Many others had their gun crimes dismissed as part of the plea deals that put them in prison. Those 61 join another 187 criminals who have benefited from Obama’s hypocritical approach to crime, where he is soft on the actual criminals, while being as hard as he can on the law-abiding gun owners.     

     Then, Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a decree saying refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination. The Fair Housing Act is silent on criminals, but because Blacks and Latinos are arrested at a significantly higher rate than whites, HUD has stretched the law so landlords can no longer use a criminal record to screen applicants. The fact that a criminal record is often a predictor of other undesirable traits must be ignored according to the Federal bureaucracy. Landlords and mortgage providers who violate the administrative decree could face fines in the millions of dollars, depending on the scope of the alleged violations.

 Most troubling is the Obama’s Department of Justice's nine-page letter to judges around the United States, warning them to limit prosecution of criminals, particularly those of minority status, or risk the loss of federal funding. Municipalities failing to toe the line could see the same type of federal investigations that Ferguson, Missouri endured after the police shooting of black teen Michael Brown. The fact that those shootings were largely found to have been justified, and the municipalities targeted are mostly minority controlled is ignored by the Obama administration.  

Obama’s soft on crime approach directly affects the fabric of American society. It goes against the rule of law andthe best practices of law enforcement. It reverses the Broken Window policing shown to be so effective. Critically, it extends the hands-off “Ferguson Effect” that is responsible for so many inner city deaths in St Louis, Baltimore, Cleveland, LA and Chicago. Now, the entire nation is subject to the same enforced chaos. The eventual results are easily predictable.

We have always suggested that our readers should be prepared to defend their lives, for when the government can not -- or deliberately will not - defend them.

           Stay armed, stay vigilant, stay capable. Now, more than ever.

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