Friday, February 5, 2016

Gov McAwful Blinks!
         Virginia’s governor was forced to rapidly back away from the firestorm caused by his attorney general’s elimination of CCW reciprocity with 25 other states. The ban barely lasted a month before being swept away by a groundswell of pro-rights anger from the state and the nation. Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton apparatchik, agreed to Virginia Republican’s demands for nearly universal reciprocity, significantly increasing the number of states accorded reciprocity. In return, the governor got some very minor, face-saving gun-control concessions; enabling him to claim some semblance of victory despite the stinging defeat.

         Anti-gun groups were not pleased. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence immediately damned McAuliffe and his concessions. On their Facebook page, the rabidly anti-gun group painted  McAuliffe as caving in to the NRA. Knuckling under, when in the past when he had bragged about his administration’s aggressive new approach to confronting the National Rifle Association.

Don’t you just love it when the Progressives eat their own? 


  1. I found hilarious the CSGV Laddites who said the Golden Boy, bought and paid by Billionaire Bloomberg was somehow bought by the NRA.

  2. The agreement not only increases the number of states granted reciprocity, it completely removes the Governor and A.G. from the process of negotiating reciprocity. If offered, they are now required to accept and grant reciprocity. They don't have a say in the matter.

    Doesn't do anything for me, personally; Oregon does not honor other states' permits, and does not offer reciprocity agreements (our law says the State Police "may" evaluate reciprocity offers; you can guess how often that's happened), but I'm glad for permit holders who live in and/or visit Virginia.

    Good work, guys and gals!

  3. Actually, NRA had little to do with this "deal". VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) is the prime mover here in Virginia. The NRA has always had problems working in its own backyard and usually screws that up. We prefer that they stay on the national level and leave the local stuff to the locals.

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